7 day Green Goddess juice detox

“It’s time to clean house!”

One of the easiest ways to become aligned with the things you want to happen in your life is by cleaning and clearing your body, removing blockages from your body with a Juice fast which will in turn, remove blockages in other areas of your life.

Benefits of the Green Goddess Detox

  • kills sugar addictions and unhealthy eating habits
  • Clear the ways in your life for blessings and abundance.
  • Spiritual high
  • Remove blockages
  • Body Energizing
  • Mental Clarity
  • More energy
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Is a juicer included with purchase?

A juicer is not provided. I do have information where you can get an affordable juicer.

Will I be able to workout while doing the detox?

Yes, you’ll be able to work. You’ll have a workout plan and you’ll join in on the live group workouts for directions.

What happens once I'm done with the 7 day detox?

I’ll provide you with a post detox meal plan that you’ll want to follow.


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