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12 week Beaut Camp

“A fit mind creates a beautiful body”

Beaut Camp is a 12 week Holistic Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotional, Dietary, Sexual transformation program for Wombmen. It takes 90 days to break a habit & change your lifestyle which why Beaut Camp is 12 weeks.

For the Beaut desiring a

  • Feminine Curve Sculpting
  • Self Esteem Boosting
  • Self Worth Building
  • Body Energizing
  • Your Unique Beauty Highlighting
  • Success in Personal & Professional  Life Changing Experience

A Holistic Approach To Health and Fitness


I provide workouts, meal plans, goddess posture instructions, curve sculpting, ‘unwanted’ weigh loss.


Affirmations, vibration raising information, mental health tools, positive mind reconditioning, alkaline food list.


breathing techniques, meditation, full and new moon goddess work instructions.


One on one therapy talks, emotional balance restoring practices, and emotional support.


Yoni egg crystal referral, sensual yoga and dance, affirmations, instructional wisdom on becoming comfortable in your sexuality, self loving practices.

By combining life coaching techniques with nutrition, physical fitness, spirituality, and sexual education, The Refinement Group takes a holistic approach to health and fitness.

We first approach the body with a series of exercises that target the midriff fat, while building on wanted curves and overall body toning. Don’t worry, we know the toughest part of any physical transformation is knowing what you can and can’t eat. So, we provide you with comprehensive meal plans that promote weight loss, radiant skin, and a more functional digestive system.
As a Mental Health Therapist, I offer private talk sessions with my clients. These sessions are also Included with beaut camp services, which generally are utilize when clients are going through emotional challenges, life trials or seeking insightful wisdom and guidance on something specific.

Select the plan that suits you.

Is Beaut Camp a recurring subscription?

The 12 Week Beaut Camp is set as a monthly recurring subscription. You will be charged each month on the day you signed up for three months. Although, the 2 Week Beaut Camp is set up as a one time charge.

How fast will I see results?

You can expect to see results in the first successful week of Beaut Camp,

I don't work out a lot, is Beaut Camp still good for me?

Yes, all members of the current Beaut Camp will be assigned a group. The group is there to support, encourage and hold one another accountable along your transformation journey.

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