We combine life coaching techniques,

paired with counseling and physical fitness

to help you achieve a greater self.

We first approach the body with a series of exercises that target the midriff fat, while building on wanted curves and overall body toning.

The most difficult and important part of a complete transformation is understanding the role of nutrition and what to eat to maximize our bodies energy and beauty. Our experts will provide you with comprehensive meal plans to promote unwanted weight loss while maintaining feminine curves and stability, radiant skin, and a more functional digestive system.

Mental health is imperative in the conversation of self-care and transformation. As a mental health therapist, I am able to provide one-on-one sessions with clients who wish to take the most holistic approach to growth. These sessions are also included with our Beaut Camp services. During your transformation, emotional challenges, life trials, and day-to-day triggers may seem to take you off course; these sessions will help you by providing wisdom, guidance, and the support needed to stay on and press forward.


Refinement Beaut Camp

We don’t do “weight loss programs” as you are more than “weight”. We take a holistic approach to heal and refine your mind, body, spirit, sexuality, and anything else that defines you. With our Refinement Beauty Programs, you are treated as your divine, individual, whole self and supported in your journey to your higher self.

Green Goddess Juice Detox

The most efficient way to become aligned with your desired life is by cleaning your system, and removing blockages from your body with nutritionally dense juice fasting. By removing these blocks from your body, you will also remove the mental and emotional blockages that prevent the manifestation of your desires.

Private Therapy Session

Our one-on-one counseling consists of focused, life-transforming sessions that build confidence and create a sense of self-liberation. By following the customized program presented to you in the sessions, YOU will reveal your greater self with our assistance.

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